Back in the dojang!

Hi Parents and Students

After our summer break, and three weeks of summer classes in Vellenoweth Green, this week we return to the dojang! We look forward to seeing you there! There are a few things you should check to prepare for your return:

  • Are you in the right class? Some of you are getting older, and it may be time to move up a class. See our schedule here.
  • Do you have the correct syllabus handbook? Those who recently graded may need a new book. Read about it here.
  • Are you training twice (or more) per week? You will progress twice as quickly if you train twice as frequently. Email Master Banicevich to increase your training frequency. See our fees information here.
  • Check that you know our rules of etiquette, because we will focus on this a lot this term. Read about it here. Read the rules part 1, and part 2.
  • Do you need free sparring gear? You can order this from Master Banicevich for $140 (total for hands and feet).
  • Do you have all of the other things you should bring to every class? Drink bottle of water, training towel, clear mouthguard, notebook and pen.
  • Have you printed your syllabus sheet and attached it inside your notebook? Find it here. Watch your syllabus video, too.
  • Check our calendar – there are already some great events to add to your diary!

It will be a fun year, as you continue your Taekwon-Do journey! See you there!

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