Youth and adults

Youth and adults often seek different things from children and families, and International Taekwon-Do can satisfy your needs.

What do you need?

People start martial arts for different reasons. Some are fascinated by martial arts and want to learn one. Some see the importance of learning self defence in today's uncertain world. Many seek a different kind of sport - something exciting, challenging, dynamic, and just a bit physical. Some want a more interesting and fun way to get fit.

International Taekwon-Do offers all of this and so much more. The instructor, Master Banicevich, started training as a youth over 25 years ago. The reason he never left is because when his needs changed, International Taekwon-Do continued to meet them. He was always interested in martial arts, and wanted to learn self defence. After a year or two, he was drawn to tournaments and enjoyed competing for a few years. He soon realised that he had so many friends involved, training was the best way to see them.

Now, Master Banicevich enjoys sharing his knowledge with the next generation of martial artists, and he continues to be fascinated by how to use the body effectively in the method of self defence, and the psychology of self protection.

Benefits for youth and adults

The benefits of International Taekwon-Do are numerous and varied. Physical benefits include improved fitness and strength, and the ability to do some really cool things with your body. Not everyone at the party can hold their foot at head height and look good doing it!

Students improve confidence and bearing, humility (it is one thing to be able to hold your foot at head height; another to show it off), focus and resolve, and concentration.

The feeling you get from a hard training session is very satisfying. The ability to smash three 20mm boards with your hand or foot is electrifying.

Measurable progress

One of the great things about martial arts is the ability to measure progress in so many ways. The most obvious is by rank. Students start at white belt, and make their way through 10 grades to 1st degree black belt. Then things get really exciting, through nine degrees of black belt from Boosabumnim to Grand Master.

Dedicated students in this age group can often attain 1st degree black belt in about four years, and fourth degree black belt (Sabumnim, International Instructor) in about 12 years.


Come along


A life of learning, fun and friendship awaits. Why not come along this week and rise to the challenge!