Rules of the do jang, part 2

Please click the email link and read this post carefully. It contains important rules of the do jang, such as:

  • If you need to leave the do jang, approach the instructor at the side of the class and stand at attention. Do not leave the do jang without the instructor’s permission – it is his or her job to keep you safe.
  • To address the instructor or a senior, stand at attention and wait to be addressed. To ask a question, raise your hand, and when addressed, stand at attention before speaking.
  • Follow instructions quickly and quietly (after a strong “Yes, Sir” or “Yes, Ma’am”), so we can all have more fun!

Hi Parents and Students

This is the third post about Courtesy 2021, containing the second part of our dojang rules. Over the first few sessions, instructors will be reminding students about these rules, and we will help you remember to follow them continually.

Rules of the do jang

The Taekwon-Do training area is called a do jang. Training safely is our top priority, and rules are important to minimise risks of injury. As a martial art, we also have rules of etiquette.

Inside the do jang

  • Junior students prepare equipment before, and store equipment after class. Ensure there is seating for visitors.
  • Keep the do jang clean and tidy. International Taekwon-Do is smoke-free.
  • To tidy your dobok, turn to the left, away from the instructor.
  • If you need to leave the do jang for any reason, approach the instructor or the side of the class and stand at attention. Await the instructor’s permission.
  • Help the instructor and others carry equipment, bags and other items.

Working with others

  • Treat everybody with courtesy – seniors and juniors. Address people by title, e.g. Sir, Ma’am, Dr (including after a question or answer).
  • Obey the instructions of the instructor or seniors without delay.
  • To address an instructor or senior, stand at attention, and wait to be addressed. Remain at attention, and bow before speaking.
  • To ask a question in class, raise your hand. When the instructor addresses you, stand at attention and bow before speaking.
  • The same rules apply to email, social media and other written communication.

A few things not to do

  • Do not leave the do jang without the instructor’s permission.
  • Do not argue with the instructor or seniors during training. Discuss the matter privately after class.
  • Do not eat or drink without the instructor’s permission.
  • Do not make any unnecessary noise or disturbance inside the do jang.
  • Do not wear your dobok outside training or International Taekwon-Do events without your instructor’s permission.

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