Rules of the do jang, part 1

Please click the email link and read this post carefully. It contains important rules of the do jang, such as:

  • Ensure your uniform is clean and ironed. If you wear a T-shirt beneath, it must be plain white.
  • Arrive 10 minutes before class to prepare.
  • Store your things as designated, then bow to the instructor and all of your seniors (children, this includes all adults).
  • The broom will be beside the door – ensure the floor is swept and the equipment holder is out.

Hi Parents and Students

Further to last week’s post about Courtesy 2021, here is the first part of our dojang rules. Over the first few sessions, instructors will be reminding students about these rules, and we will help you remember to follow them continually.

Rules of the do jang

The Taekwon-Do training area is called a do jang. Training safely is our top priority, and rules are important to minimise risks of injury. As a martial art, we also have rules of etiquette.

Prepare for training

  • Ensure you are clean, and your finger and toenails are trimmed. Young adults and older should use a deodorant. Remove all jewellery (if it cannot be removed, tape it safely). Tie back long hair with a soft band.
  • Ensure your dobok (training uniform) is clean and ironed, and your belt tied correctly. Your instructor may allow you to wear a white T-shirt beneath it.
  • Arrive at least 10 minutes before class begins, and be prepared mentally and physically.
  • Remind the instructor of any medical conditions you have.
  • Ensure you pay all fees on time.

Enter the do jang

  • Bow before entering or leaving the do jang.
  • Allow seniors to enter first. Children allow adults to enter first.
  • Remove footwear before entering, and store belongings in the designated area.
  • Bow to the instructor, assistant instructor, and senior members. Children bow to adults.
  • If you are late to training, move to the front junior-side of class and stand at attention until the instructor acknowledges you. Bow and move to the back of the class.

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