Syllabus sheets and online resources

To be eligible for a national grading, you must demonstrate proficiency in all items in your syllabus. This includes:

  • Fundamental movements
  • Patterns (from 9th gup, yellow stripe)
  • Prearranged sparring (from 9th gup, yellow stripe)
  • Self-defence (from 8th gup, yellow belt)
  • Free sparring (from 6th gup, green belt)
  • Breaking (from 4th gup, blue belt)
  • Theory.

To help you track your progress, print the syllabus sheet below that is appropriate to your grade. Attach it into your training notebook, and bring it to every session. Before training begins, put your notebook and pen, open to the page with this syllabus worksheet, on the floor or stage at the front of class.

Students must be proficient in all of the syllabus for their own grade and below.

Syllabus videos

The following links are to pages with a sequence of videos working through each coloured belt syllabus up to red stripe. They cover fundamental movements, patterns, and step sparring alone.

The following videos illustrate the 11 principles in the respond stage of self-defence for the coloured belt syllabus:

Online resources

Home worksheets for children

The legendary Mrs Shirley Pygott, who wrote our mini-kids syllabus and worked many years as a primary school teacher, created these home worksheets for children.

Resources for all students

Taekwon-Do Talk and back issues

Keep your Taekwon-Do brain active with Taekwon-Do Talk online magazine (and there are a load of PDF back issues here, too).