Introducing courtesy 2021

  • As 2021 begins, our classes will focus on courtesy and protocol;
  • Students and parents will notice improved behaviour and more fun classes;
  • Ensure you arrive to class 10 minutes early and prepare to train;
  • Click the email link and read this full message on our news page for details.

Dear Parents and Students

Recently I had the pleasure of examining students for black belt in Hastings with Master Rocky Rounthwaite.

When I started Taekwon-Do, Master Rounthwaite was an instructor in Pakuranga. He is an inspiring man who produces very good, and very polite, students.

He continues to inspire me today. His students were attentive, very well-mannered, and behaved exceptionally at grading. They especially stood out in the interviews.

At Glendowie, our courtesy and protocol have become lax. This year, we will reverse that and become a leading example for our organisation.

In doing so, our classes will become more efficient. Students will have much more fun and improve much more quickly, because instructors will spend less time gaining attention and giving instructions, so students will spend more time practising and doing Taekwon-Do. Students who practise more will progress more quickly.

Parents will also notice this overflows outside the dojang. Children will become more polite and attentive at home and at school. This is one of our key goals for 2021.

What we need from you:

  • Arrive at class 10 minutes before class begins.
  • Prepare the dojang for training by sweeping the floor and putting out the equipment holder.
  • Then warm up and practise until class begins.
  • Read the rules in your syllabus handbook. We will be following them strictly.

Over the next few weeks, this weekly email will outline our rules of protocol that will improve the effectiveness and fun of our classes.

Welcome to Courtesy 2021!

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