How much?

International Taekwon-Do is tremendous value - there is very little equipment required to participate, and training fees are very well priced.

Monthly fees and joining fee

Monthly fees for Taekwon-Do:

  • 1 student under 9 years training once per week, $50/month
  • 1 student 9 years and over (and young children training twice or more per week), $70/month
  • 2 students from the same family training, $110/month (if both are under 9 training once per week, $100/month)
  • 3 students from the same family training, $140/month
  • Additional family members, $30/month

There is a one-off joining fee for International Taekwon-Do:

  • 1 student, new registration, $80
  • 2 or more students from the same family, new registration, $150

Training fees are payable 12 months per year. International Taekwon-Do charge an annual re-registration fee; January fees are used to pay the re-registration fee so there is no additional charge to our students.

Uniforms and equipment for Taekwon-Do

Training uniforms cost $90 each.

Students should also bring the following equipment to every session:

  • A bottle of drinking water
  • A notebook and pen
  • A mouth guard (same as that used for other sports)

Grading and grading fees

When the instructor discovers that a student is ready to grade for the next level, which may happen 1-3 times per year, grading fees (which are paid to the national association) are $90 per person. For successful students, this grading fee includes their next syllabus book when appropriate (approximately every second gup grading).

The additional grades for children 12 years and under are $45 per person. (White belt +1, white belt +2, white belt +3, etc.) The grades for children that are the same as adult and teen grades cost the same as the adult and teen grades (above).

Kubz gradings, for our 3-5yo programme, are $45 per person.

Training fees are due by the 1st of each month by automatic payment into the following bank account; references your family name, and "Fees":

  • 12-3031-0534631-51

Free sparring safety equipment

Once a student reaches green belt, he or she should invest in a set of free sparring safety equipment. It takes adults around 1.5 years to reach green belt, and children around 3 years. Free sparring safety equipment costs approximately $140-$250 per set, and is available directly from one of the following suppliers:

Alternatively, we can order sparring equipment for you. We get MightyFist black vinyl gloves and boots for $170 per set.

Ask the instructor for more details before purchasing free sparring safety equipment, to ensure you purchase an approved style. If this equipment is maintained well, it should last many years of normal use.

Casual classes

For those who are unable to attend regularly, we have a casual class rate of $15 per class per person.

Come along

Our classes are fantastic value, so why not come along and meet us this week? Give International Taekwon-Do a try!