Returning to our dojang

Hi Everyone

We are very keen to return to training in our dojang as soon as possible. We hope you are, too.

SportNZ have released Level 2 guidelines, which permit contact in sport with additional measures in place. You can read it here.

When we return to our venues will be determined by the three schools we hire. Churchill Park School and Kohimarama School are waiting for instructions from the Ministry of Education. At this stage, Glendowie Primary School decided that they will not rent their hall to outside activities during the remainder of term 2. Their board will revisit the decision for term 3.

As soon as one or more of our venues lets us return to training, we’ll let you know and schedule classes accordingly. If some, but not all, venues become available (e.g. Glendowie Primary School), then we will schedule classes to get as close to our regular schedule as we can.

In the meantime, our Zoom classes are going well. We are getting 15-25 students per session. We would love to see more of our students attending, though – please come along and try it out! You may even like to watch a class before you do one – read our frequently asked questions here.

Class details:

  • Children yellow belt and below,
  • Teens and adults (all grades), and children green stripe and above,
  • Kubz students,

Try to clear a space in your house or in your backyard, and ensure you can see your computer monitor (or TV screen, if you post it). Wear your dobok, and bring a drink bottle of water, your syllabus handbook, training notebook and pen.

We also have a bunch of recorded classes available here, if the Zoom class times don’t suit you.

We would love feedback about how we can make these classes better. Email Master Banicevich.


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