Why not watch a Zoom class before you do one?

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Many students are now training in our Zoom classes, which is fantastic!

If you are nervous about trying a Zoom class, watch one with your camera off first to see how they work. Join in when you are ready. Here are some frequently asked questions and answers about our Zoom classes. Details about the Zoom classes are at the bottom of this post.

Can the instructor see me?
The instructor can only see you if you activate your camera. This enables the instructor to give you feedback to help you improve.

Can the other classmates see me? Will I look dumb on screen?
Other students in the class are focused on the instructor, who is giving instructions and demonstrating technique. Students will set the instructor to take the screen, so they can see what to do! Everyone looks the same on the screen – little – and everyone is focused on their own training and improvement. They are not looking at other students. 

Will the screen be big enough? 
Some students train with a laptop, and sometimes they come closer to the screen so they can see what to do. Then they step back and do it. Other students project their computer onto their television, so it is large and easy to see.

Will I be able to hear?
Master Banicevich has a loud voice, so you will know when to perform each exercise, and what to do. If you have any trouble, you can ask a question – you can unmute your microphone and ask, or you can type your question into the chat window. Master Banicevich does not comment on students coming closer to the screen, unless it is to ask whether anyone needs help. It does, however, remind Master Banicevich to demonstrate once or twice more, so everyone can see. 

Is my space at home adequate? Will I bump into furniture?
Classes are designed to require little space. Nobody has much space at home. If you have enough room to do a pattern, that is amazing! If you are asked to do an exercise that takes more space, such as a pattern, Master Banicevich will teach you how to do this in a small space. Try to clear a good space in your home, and move anything breakable out of range. Then we take care while we train.

Will the carpet hurt my feet?
If your training surface is rougher than we are used to, you can train with something on your feet. Talk to Mum and Dad about safe footwear. It might be slippers (inside) or shoes (especially if you train outside on the deck). You need footwear that won’t fly off when you kick! Try bare feet, and if you have problems, then talk to Mum and Dad about suitable footwear. 

Will my sister/brother/family see me doing it? Tease me? Bother me?
Often Mum or Dad will watch young children train to keep them safe – just like they do in the dojang. They are there to help. Mum and Dad can keep your annoying brother or sister away, too – perhaps they can spend an hour in their room. Alternatively, your brother or sister is welcome to join in the class. You can help them with the moves.

What if I feel dumb putting on my dobok to train at home?
Your dobok is designed to be excellent for training. It gives you free range of movement, while other clothes can be restrictive. Your dobok is awesome, and we hope you feel great when you put it on. Almost everyone trains in dobok, so you won’t look out of place.

We would love to see you in our Zoom classes. Watch one first, and join in when you are comfortable. Remember that the camera is only so Master Banicevich can give you feedback, to help you improve.

If you prefer to practise alone, we have over 30 recorded classes on our website. You can find them here. Please remember to like our YouTube videos. (You can also find them on our YouTube channel.)

You can find all of the details about our Zoom classes here. The page also has a stack of lockdown activities you can do at home, including word finds, models to make, and other cool stuff.

Zoom classes during lockdown

Zoom classes have been great! Come along! Class details:

  • Children yellow belt and below,
  • Teens and adults (all grades), and children green stripe and above,
  • Kubz students,

Try to clear a space in your house or in your backyard, and ensure you can see your computer monitor (or TV screen, if you post it). Wear your dobok, and bring a drink bottle of water, your syllabus handbook, training notebook and pen.

Thank you

Thank you to Mr Turin, who gave me fantastic feedback that led to this post.

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