Regional tournament and umpire course in May – register now!

Hi Parents and Students

Please note these important events approaching. Register early to avoid missing out.

  • Umpire course, 13 May
  • Regional tournament, 21 May

Umpire course

Learn tournament rules properly to compete more successfully. Remember that tournaments cannot run without umpires!

Regional tournament

  • Event details are below
  • Sunday 21 May 2023, 8am start, all day event
  • AMI Netball Centre, 7 Allison Ferguson Drive, St Johns
  • Base fee for one event $30; $5 for each extra non-team event; pre-arranged sparring + $5 each; team event + $10 per head
  • Register here before 12 May:
  • Pay the fee to International Taekwon-Do Glendowie, and we make one payment to the region.

We will need help from parents on the day to direct children to rings, and ensure they have a senior student to coach them. Master Banicevich will have to umpire all day – without umpires, we can’t run tournaments.

Regional tournament events

  • Ages 5-8 (mini-kids): fundamental movements/patterns, non-contact free sparring, flying high kick to pad, power punch to pad;
  • Ages 9-10 (peewee): fundamental movements/patterns, “kiss” contact free sparring, flying high kick to pad (blue belt and above do more), power punch to pad;
  • Ages 11-14 (pre-junior), ages 15-17 (junior), ages 18-35 (senior), ages 36-45 (advanced senior) and ages 46+ (veterans): patterns, free sparring (yellow belt and above only), special technique and power test to boards (blue belt and above only).

Everyone can do patterns, and children can do power and special technique. Sparring is optional for those below green belt (you will need free sparring gloves, boots and mouthguard). I would like all green belts and above to enter at least patterns and free sparring.

Regional tournament details

Power test for 9 years and over, read this document.

Special technique for 9 years and over, read this document.

Details for children under 9 years, read this document.

Frequently asked questions, read this document.