Continuing Taekwon-Do from home during the COVID-19 lockdown

Hi Everyone

So we are all on home detention for at least four weeks.

Training fees

While we will not require training fees to be paid during the lockdown, we believe that our online training classes are worth at least half of your normal training fees! Many of our costs continue to be incurred, and your contribution will be appreciated:

  • Anyone who pays full April training fees by 2 April 2020 will receive a free copy of the Pattern Workout Book, and the Self-Defence Gup Syllabus Handbook to help you train at home (value $40).
  • We also appreciate anyone who is willing to pay half their usual fees during the lockdown.
  • We believe that our online training classes are worth at least half of your normal training fees!
  • No invoices will be sent for April 2020.
  • Account number is 12-3031-0534631-51.

Training in virtual classes

Visit our online dojang for virtual classes ( We have some classes loaded already – including adults classes and children’s classes. For a summary of the classes, so you can easily find the ones you missed, we created a new menu item for members – COVID-19 classes.

Stick to your usual routine – train on training nights (or afternoons). We intend to upload one children’s class and two teen/adult classes per week. (Children are welcome to try the adult class, too. They may just find it a bit more difficult.) Children, ask a parent to help you.

Please email feedback about these classes to Master Banicevich.

We could possibly also run training sessions by Zoom. Email Master Banicevich if you would like to explore this option.

Facebook and TKD Coaching

This is a good time to remind you to like and follow our Facebook page, International Taekwon-Do Glendowie.

There are many useful Facebook groups to join, too. Start with our own group, “Paul M Taekwon-Do Glendowie” (our school carries the name of Master Paul McPhail, Master Banicevich’s instructor), and a new group created to help us train through lockdown, “iTKD Virtual Dojang”.

Remember that we also have a very special offer with This is Master McPhail’s incredible website with tons of online videos to help you progress your Taekwon-Do training. Our special deal is available only with this link: Special offer with

Stay safe, and remember to be nice to each other!

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