Special offer with TKDCoaching.com

Dear Students and Parents

We have partnered with TKDCoaching.com to bring you an exciting offer – available here!

TKDCoaching.com is a fantastic coaching website created by my instructor, Master McPhail (with whom I wrote the white belt handbook and self-defence handbook; our Technical Director, and a member of the ITF Technical Committee).

It is a membership site that now contains over 200 hours of Taekwon-Do instruction on patterns, sparring, self defence, breaking and heaps more. The videos include lessons you may have missed at trainings, or just need extra help with, such as the syllabus content for gradings. The sessions are taken by many amazing instructors from all around the world, so it’s a great motivational tool, too.

The website has some free stuff – but mainly it is for “Premium Members”, who pay a monthly or yearly fee. Premium Members get access to all the videos and resources.

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