Classes by Zoom, week beginning 10 August 2020

Hi Everyone

We are back in Level 3. Initially for 3 days, but it is likely that we won’t have access do our dojang for a while after that.

Our schedule of Zoom classes is available here.

In this post:

  • 2 classes for children
  • 1 class for teens and adults
  • 1 class for Kubz
  • 1 class for parents and children

Classes for children

12 August 2020, warm up, crossing, walking stance, sine wave, basic kicks, stretch.

13 August 2020, warm up, basic kicks to direction of kick, basic kicks from L-stance, walking stance, stretch.

Classes for teens and adults

13 August 2020, warm up, basic kicks to direction of kick and from L-stance (downward, pick-shaped, reverse turning, reverse hooking), own pattern with questions and feedback, stretch.

Classes for Kubz

15 August 2020, warm up tag, health foods, tidying your room, stop it I don’t like it, kicks and punches to cushions.

Classes for parents and children

15 August 2020, warm up rounds, rising kicks, slow kicks, crossing for blocking, walking stance, four direction punch.

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