Our year hasn’t quite ended…

Hi everyone

Remember that we have normal classes Monday through Thursday this week.

Thank you very much to those who attended our end of year barbeque on Saturday. It was lovely to see you!

Congratulations to those who passed their grading. I look forward to helping you through the next stage in your Taekwon-Do journey next year.

Thank you very much to class instructors and assistant instructors, without whom I would not be able to help nearly as many people through our Taekwon-Do classes. I look forward to working with you, and helping you in your Taekwon-Do journey, in 2017. (With exciting specialised classes to come.)

Thank you to Mr Dunningham and Mr Gibson, who provided barbeques.

Congratulations to the two students who received special prizes:

  • James Shinkarenko, for his fantastic perseverance during training. Your commitment and effort are amazing, and it shows in your progress and results so far.
  • Cameron McGeorge, for being such a tremendous help this year with so many classes. You are reliable and enthusiastic, and I appreciate it immensely. Your Taekwon-Do is progressing well, too!

Thank you very much to parents, for bringing your children to classes and being part of our school. We value your support. We’d love to say thanks with some self-defence classes for you. Watch your email.

Thank you to students, for continuing your journey. It is so exciting to see every student in our school progress – overcoming their own challenges, and improving bit by bit. Next year we intend to make a few minor changes to ensure the excitement in our classes leaps ahead. We want to see you continue!

Have a very merry Christmas, and a safe and happy New Year. We look forward to seeing you from 16 January 2017 Рdetails here.


Master Banicevich.

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