I will be slow to respond to email until Labour Day

Hi everyone
As you know, I am presently in Hungary for the ITF Taekwon-Do World Cup. I will be difficult to contact until after I return on Labour Day.
In my absence, please talk to your class instructor. I will reply to email when I can.
This week I’ve travelled around with a former student and nanny of Mr Saunders, Janice Krause and her mum. (Mr Saunders, Miss Krause sends you big, big hugs.)
Tomorrow (Monday) we check into the umpire hotel. Tuesday we have the umpire meeting, where the committee work hard to ensure we are consistent throughout the competition. So it is a long meeting. Wednesday our work begins. With over 1800 competitors, this is the largest ITF tournament so far. Brighton in 2012 had 1100 competitors, and we worked very long days. I hope they have some magic lined up to help us get through this!
This week was busy. A couple of days looking around Budapest, then travelled around to a few towns around Hungary. The people are amazing. In “The Valley of the Women”, a 200-300m loop with 48 winery caves, the vintner in one of the caves showed us around and plied us with wine and music for HUF1200 about $7). The wine wasn’t fantastic, but the host and atmosphere was fantastic. It wasn’t until the next morning that I discovered the other 42 caves around the loop.
Yesterday we stopped at a random inn for dinner. The proprietor was so friendly. We ate our mains and declined dessert. Then he brought a dessert for a “souvenir”. Then another dessert. Then a third. Then a round of drinks. The food we ordered cost HUF7100 together (about $40). He refused our HUF10,000 “souvenir”, and returned HUF2000 change. Oh, and he entertained us with Hungarian music on an amazing local string instrument that looks a bit like a complex harpsichord.
Then we drove towards Budapest and decided to stop for the night. A local. Asked us if we wanted a campsite, and suggested we follow him. He has a site for 3-4 campers at his home, with a bungalow, toilet and shower block, electricity and water – the full gig. And wi-fi.
So after a week of the World Cup, then I’ll do some work for the ITF for a week. The day after the World Cup, I will meet with Dr Janel Gauthier to discuss what we will do on the Do Committee (morality and ethics). Then I fly to London to spend three days working on the ITF Children’s syllabus with my friends and colleagues Master Donato Nardizzi of England and Mr Fabian Izquierdo of Argentina. Then I return home. I arrive on Labour Day, and start my new day job the following day.
Enjoy your time. I shall return full of ideas and enthusiasm!

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