Who wants free sparring gear?

Hi Parents and Students

  • Approved FujiMAE black vinyl gloves and boots, $150 per set
  • Order this week and we’ll try to have the gear in time for our tournament on 7 April
  • Yellow belts and above should own their own sparring gear.

With our club tournament on 7 April, regional tournament in May, Nationals in July, and many other tournaments available during the year, it is a good time to think about having your own free sparring gear.

We can arrange approved FujiMAE black vinyl free sparring gloves and boots for $150 per set.

All students also require a clear mouthguard, and boys require a groin guard. These are available from pharmacies and sports shops.

All students should bring the clear mouthguard to every training session. Yellow belts and above should have their own sparring gear. Many white belts who enjoy free sparring also buy their own gear. Bring your sparring gear to every session. Practise putting it on and taking it off quickly.

To order, put $150 into the school bank account by Friday 30th March (12-3031-0534631-51) with your family name as a reference. Then email your name to Master Banicevich with the length of your foot and the length of your hand (wrist to finger).

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