White belt and yellow stripe seminar Saturday 24 March 11:30am-1:30pm

Hi Students and Parents

White belt and yellow stripe seminar

  • Seminar for all students white belt to yellow stripe (including kids)
  • Where: Churchill Park School hall
  • When: Saturday 24 March, 11:30am-1:30pm (eat before coming)
  • Bring: seminar fee ($20), notebook and pen, syllabus handbook (copies of the new book available for $20), a drink bottle of water
  • Wear: dobok

There is a lot to learn from beginner to yellow belt. From class to class, you may miss bits. If you are a Taekwon-Do student below yellow belt, then this seminar is for you. In two hours, we will go through the entire white belt syllabus (including kids’ green stripe, blue stripe, red stripe and black stripe), and the entire yellow stripe syllabus (including double yellow stripe and triple yellow stripe). This seminar is suitable for children and adults (although it is not useful for Kubz).

The course will cover:

  • Stances: attention stance, bowing, parallel stance, walking stance, L-stance, sitting stance
  • Stepping: single stepping, spot-turning and step turning
  • Hand techniques: forefist punch, forearm low block, knifehand low block, inner forearm side block, outer forearm inward block, forearm guarding block
  • Foot techniques: front rising kick, side rising kick, front snap kick, side front snap kick, turning kick
  • Four direction punch, four direction block
  • Chon-Ji
  • Three-step sparring alone

All for just $20 per person – pay on the day.

We will also have limited copies of the fantastic new “white belt syllabus handbook” for only $20. This is almost 90 pages of photographs, descriptions and tips with everything a student needs to know to attain yellow belt.

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