Weird and Wonderful Taekwon-Do seminar

Finally, Mr Doogan brings his seminar to Auckland. I’ve been wanting to do it since I saw photos of the first one on the International Taekwon-Do website. Don’t miss it! I intend to be there!

Hello Lovely People!

Can you pretty please push my Weird and Wonderful TKD seminar at your clubs for the next two weeks? It’s at the MMC, Sunday 3rd May, 11-4. $40 pp, with a $10 discount for two family members, or a max $100 per family of three or more.

The material is loads of the fun stuff we don’t really get time for, what with gradings always round the corner. There’ll be sweeping and throwing, unusual tools like the headbutt and hip, some interesting historical tidbits, Ko-Dang tul and some show off breaking techniques people can brag to their mates about.

There are some clips of past seminars here, and the registrations page is here.

I’d love to see you there with your students!

Kind Regards,

Brendan Doogan

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