Watch ITF Taekwon-Do patterns by Jaroslaw Suska

Do you find it easier to learn patterns if you can watch someone do them?

Would you like to see something cool? How about coloured belt patterns performed by multi-time patterns World Champion Jaroslaw Suska of Poland?

Chon-Ji (for 9th gup, yellow stripe)

Dan-Gun (for 8th gup, yellow belt)

Do-San (for 7th gup, green stripe)

Won-Hyo (for 6th gup, green belt)

Yul-Gok (for 5th gup, blue stripe)

Joong-Gun (for 4th gup, blue belt)

Toi-Gye (for 3rd gup, red stripe)

Hwa-Rang (for 2nd gup, red belt)

Choong-Moo (for 1st gup, black stripe)

Kwang-Gae (for 1st dan black belt)

Po-Eun (for 1st dan black belt)

Ge-Baek (for 1st dan black belt)

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