We need to work on walking stances

Hi everyone

Something that stood out in our 2015 term 2 grading round is a weakness in our walking stances.

This is a long and strong stance, and you should feel very stable in it. Imagine you are standing on your own set of train tracks, as wide as your shoulders, and you are as solid as a train. Technically we say this stance is 1.5 shoulder widths wide, although it is much longer for those of us who are slim.

For many of your movements, your shoulders are straight, or “full-facing”. This includes front punches and rising blocks. (Ensure you punch to the centre of your body.)

For most of your blocks, such as forearm and knifehand low blocks and inner forearm middle blocks, your shoulders are turned slightly, or “half-facing”.

For more great videos, visit Mr Robson-Wright’s YouTube channel.

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