URGENT: change for grading Tuesday

Hi everyone

URGENT change for Tuesday 15 December, updated:

I was reminded that we cannot get the Churchill Park School hall on Tuesday. Unfortunately the school told me, but I’ve been so busy the past few months, it fell from my mind. Glendowie Primary School is also unavailable.

  1. 5-6pm class, you can come to the Monday 5-6pm class or the Tuesday 6-7pm class per below.
  2. 6-7pm class, class will be held in Churchill Park, by the preschool. Notify me before class if you are unable to attend class on Thursday, too. You may choose to attend Monday 6-7pm class at Glendowie Primary School instead of Tuesday.
  3. 7pm adult class, will be held in Churchill Park, by the preschool.
  4. If it is raining, grading will not be held on Tuesday. Class will proceed, we will get wet, grading will not be held. If you are unable to attend Thursday, please email me immediately, even if you already told me.

My apologies and regards

Master Banicevich.

PS. We now have two barbeques for Saturday, thank you!

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