Be on time!

Hi everyone

I notice our classes are not starting on time and many students are arriving late. We are missing out on awesome Taekwon-Do training because we are starting late! Classes will now begin on the dot. If you are late, you miss out on some fun stuff.

Remember you should arrive 10mins before class is due to begin. Prepare the dojang (sweep the floor, chairs out for visitors, prepare equipment), then warm up and practise so you are ready to go when class begins.

Talk to your instructor if you are unable to arrive 10mins before class begins (because you must rush from work, for example). This will only be the case for a few people, not for many.

If you arrive after class begins, dress (including tying your belt), then walk quickly down the junior side of class and wait at the side in attention position. When the instructor bows to you, you bow, and then join the class.

As Master Hutton says, “Let’s get it done!”

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