The more we train, the better we get

Hi Parents and Students

We recommend that those who train in the intermediate classes and above train twice per week. White belts and yellow stripes in the 6-8yo classes are also able to train twice per week. (We recommend that yellow belts and above train twice per week or more.)

An individual training twice per week costs $70 per month (once costs $50 per month). There is no difference in family rates to train once or twice per week.

Intermediate classes are:

  • Churchill Park School, Tuesday 6-7pm and Thursday 5-6pm;
  • Glendowie Primary School, Monday and Wednesday 6:00-7:30pm;
  • Kohimarama School, Monday 6:00-7:30pm and Thursday 6-7pm (this class has a lower average age).

You can also mix and match these classes to suit your calendar.

Of course, how hard you practise, and how intelligently you practise, also impact your progression. Green belts and above should be practising at home, as well as training twice or more per week.

If you presently train once per week, and would like to train twice, email Master Banicevich to arrange it.

Please note that this is a recommendation, not a requirement. Some students are unable to train twice per week. This is okay. They will progress more slowly (obviously).

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