The NZ Martial Arts Grand Prix

Hi everyone

Next month Van Roon Martial Arts will host the first round of the ‘NZ Martial Arts Grand Prix’. ma grand prix
This is an open martial arts tournament series with rules similar to those used in ITF Taekwon-Do sparring and as such serves as an ideal compliment to individuals looking for ways to improve and test themselves. As I know you are aware I have competed several times internationally in such events and found great value in them as a compliment to my ITF training.
One point that may appeal to ITKD members is the number of ITF World Champions who are also World Champions in WAKO Kickboxing under these rules.
The entry fees are $30.00 for one event (i.e. point or continuous) and $50.00 for two events (both).
All competitors are encouraged to pre-register to guarantee they have a spot on the draw. I will be putting out a post shortly as to a cut-off date (which will be 1 week before the tournament after which point a penalty fee of $10.00 will apply).
Safety equipment is essentially as per ITF. For adults, 10oz boxing gloves are required for continuous sparring. For children and for point fighting in general, ITF gear will suffice. Blue and Red gear doesn’t need to be used, either will suffice.
Dress code is long pants and t-shirt or full dobok / uniform. No shorts.
All of this information is available here in more detail including divisions by age, weight and gender (not rank). This is also where you directly register as a competitor. Very straight forward!
Finally – please find the tournament poster in PDF form attached.
Please don’t hesitate to ask if you have any other questions whatsoever. I’ve just had a bunch of Karate and WTF members enter along with interest from local kickboxing clubs. Should be a fantastic day. I’m really looking forward to it!
Kind regards
Carl van Roon 
Director of Van Roon Martial Arts

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