Thank you and congratulations

Hello everyone

  • We won best overall club at the Auckland Regional Tournament on Sunday
  • Clay Sapir, best overall yellow belt
  • Colden Sapir, best overall green belt
  • By far the club with the most competitors
  • Lots of students came away with medals – across almost all events

Congratulations to everyone on a great effort.

More importantly, I only heard good things about our students’ courtesy and behaviour. You looked after each other and supported each other.

Thank you:

  • Many of you came to help set up on Saturday afternoon, and we set the venue up on only two hours – thank you
  • Many of you helped pack everything away at the end of the tournament – thank you
  • Many of you volunteered your time to help during the tournament, some even missing their children competing in some events – thank you
  • To our senior students who were running around coaching – thank you.

My apologies, not everything went perfectly:

  • Some parents ended up coaching their own children – I’m sorry we didn’t manage to get a senior student there for you
  • Some parents were unhappy with some aspects of the tournament – this is a lot of work put in by a small number of volunteers, and they would love your help to make it better next year

Next steps:

  • We need to do more free sparring in regular classes – I’ll ask all instructors to spend 10-15 mins every class on free sparring skills and drills, or free sparring
  • There are other tournaments running throughout the year, and we’d love to see you do more – check the calender at for details
  • Let’s win it again next year!

I am a very happy instructor, and I know many of our instructing team are, too.

Master Banicevich and Mr Robson-Wright with the best overall trophy

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