Term 3 pregrading and grading details

Hi everyone

Key points:

  • Pregrading is during regular classes the week of 5 September
  • Completed report sheets are due at pregrading
  • Grading is combined on Tuesday 20 September only
  • Kubz grading on Saturday 24 September
  • Be ready by pregrading!

Get ready! Your instructor or Master Banicevich will pregrade you the week beginning Monday 5 September.

Under 13s, that means you need to bring your completed report sheet to your instructor at pregrading. Do not leave it until grading day. The report sheet is here.

Practice hard. Know all of your syllabus, including your theory. Theory tests for gup gradings will be given the week of 12 September. Remember to bring your notebook and pen (to all classes).

This term all students will grade together in one evening: Tuesday 20 September at Churchill Park School. Young students, your grading is 5-7pm. Those 9yo+, your grading is 6-8pm. Arrive quietly and prepared.

Our examiner will be Master Mahesh Bhana.

Try to arrange your calendar to make this date. Under very special circumstances, students who are grading for mini kids grades may get an alternative date for Thursday 22 September, 5:30-6:30pm. Alternative days for those grading for formal grades are not available this term, because I am not the Examiner.

Kubz, those grading will grade on Saturday 24 September.

Green belts and above will need to bring their sparring gear.

Good luck and train hard! If you have any questions about your syllabus, ask your instructor or a senior student before or after class this week.


Master Banicevich.

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