Term 3 grading and lockdown

Hi Parents and Students

Our term 3 gradings are due to take place between Saturday 25th and Tuesday 28th September 2021. What will happen if we are still in lockdown?

  • Kubz grading, Saturday 25 September, would take place via Zoom.
  • White belt and yellow stripe grades, Monday 27 September, would take place via Zoom.
  • Yellow belt and above gradings would take place 1-2 weeks after we return to the dojang.

Kubz, white belts and yellow stripes do not have any compulsory partner work in the syllabus they are required to demonstrate for grading, so these students can be graded effectively over Zoom. Yellow belts and above, however, have items in their syllabus that must be demonstrated with a partner. If lockdown continues through our grading dates, I don’t think the delay will be significant, so the most expedient solution will be to pregrade students in the first week back, and grade students the following week.

Here is our backup plan:

Kubz grading, Saturday 25 September

Prepare as you usually would. Practise the questions in your book on the tab of the colour you seek to attain. (New Kubz study the questions in the white tab.) During the session, I would name students and ask theory questions, and parents can unmute their child so they can answer. Grading certificates, badges and stripes would be awarded in our first session back in the dojang.

White belt and yellow stripe grading, Monday 27 September

Prepare as you usually would – physical content and theory. Ensure you complete the pages of your theory handbook for your grade. (New students should complete the white belt and first yellow pages.) This session is likely to run longer than usual, possibly 5pm-7pm. (BooSquad class would follow 7-8pm.) During the session, students will be spotlighted in small groups (up to 4 students), and asked to perform techniques from their syllabus. We will work with the best space you can provide. Please ensure that your camera is set up so we can see you head to toe. (It will not be possible to grade without a working camera.) Grading certificates would be emailed to successful students. Stripes would be awarded in our first session back in the dojang.

Yellow belt and above grading, Tuesday 28 September

This grading would be delayed until we return to the dojang. Pregrading would take place during our first week back in the dojang. Note that this may require Monday and Tuesday students to attend a session later in the week to pregrade. Grading invoices would be sent on the weekend, and be due for payment by Monday evening. Grading would then take place on Tuesday evening (or Thursday evening as a backup).

If you have any questions or concerns, please email Master Banicevich.

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