Term 3 begins!

Hi Parents and Students

Term 3 is underway. For those who slacked off during school holidays (or had a holiday), we look forward to seeing you back this week! Here are a few important notes and tips:

  • If you graded to yellow belt last term, you will need a new syllabus book. Master Banicevich has them for $20. We also recommend the self-defence handbook at this level, which is also $20 (and a worthwhile read for the entire family).
  • If you graded to green belt and you don’t yet have free sparring gear, it is time. Master Banicevich can arrange this for you for $140 (gloves and boots together). We need to identify your size – ask a friend with sparring gear whether you can test it for size. We recommend free sparring gear much earlier than green belt, because we use it regularly in class. You may also find the pattern workout book useful, to help you learn your patterns in detail (these are $20).
  • If you graded to red belt, we recommend the black belt syllabus handbook. This includes the syllabus from black stripe to black belt, and it contains some requirements you should start working on now. Master Banicevich has these for $20.

Read through your current syllabus requirements to know what you must learn and demonstrate for your next grading. What do you know? What don’t you know? Arrive to class a little earlier, and ask one of your seniors to show you some of the techniques you don’t know.

In your training notebook, write your goals for the term. Do you want to grade at the end of this term? What do you need to achieve? Do you have other goals? Strength, flexibility, fitness, weight loss and nutrition?

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