Temporary venue changes

We have a few dates approaching when our usual venues are unavailable. We have alternative venues as described below.

The dates are:

  • Saturday 25 August (Churchill Park)
  • Mondays 17 and 24 September (Kohimarama)
  • Thursdays 20 and 27 September (Kohimarama)

On Saturday 25 August, classes will be in Kohimarama School at the usual times, because Churchill Park School is unavailable.

On Mondays 17 and 24 September, classes will be 6-7pm at Glendowie Primary School, because Kohimarama School is unavailable.

On Thursdays 20 and 27 September, classes will be 5-6pm at Churchill Park School, because Kohimarama School is unavailable. Note the earlier time.


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