A success story – asking for help

Hi everyone

The first thing we ask a new Kubz student is their phone number. Then we teach them how to ask for help when they are lost. Last week I received this email from a parent (names changed for privacy reasons, although this is printed with permission).

Hello Master Banicevich,

I wanted to tell you a story about something that happened over the weekend and to thank you for your unknown part in it all!

On Sunday afternoon, Andrew’s dad took the kids out on their bikes to Madills Farm. Sometime later, I had a call to my mobile from an unknown number. It was Andrew. He had lost his dad and approached a couple for help. He told them my phone number and they put the number in the phone and gave it to Andrew to call me. He was very upset but calmed down as soon as he heard my voice.

Because of Andrew’s ability to know what to do in an emergency and because he knew my number, I was able to call his dad and tell him where Andrew was and they were reunited within minutes.

So, thank you for drilling safety into the children. He acted so responsibly and we were very proud that he sorted himself out. I’m not sure he would have been so confident without Taekwon-Do so thank you.

Kind regards,
Andrew’s mum.

How cool is that!

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