Set your goals for 2020

A New Year. A new opportunity to set goals and work to achieve them!

What are your Taekwon-Do goals for 2020?

We have a grading at the end of each term. What grade do you want to be at the end of 2020? What skills do you need to achieve that? What is your minimum number of training sessions to be eligible? Grading dates are on our website calendar.

  • Children under 13 need a minimum of 10 sessions between gradings;
  • Those 13 and above need at least 24 sessions between each grade up to blue stripe, and at least 32 sessions between each grade from blue belt.

And you must pass your pregradings.

Training sessions in the school holidays count, so keep training!

Do you have tournament goals? To compete? A gold medal? We have our regional tournament, national tournament, under 18 series, and more.

Perhaps you’d like to attend seminars. Instructors courses, umpire courses, breaking courses, the black belt academy – so many options!

Watch our calendar and the International Taekwon-Do calender for details.

For many students, the discipline of setting and achieving goals is a great benefit of Taekwon-Do training. Set your goals for 2020 now, break them down into smaller objectives, and start achieving them.

Remember to write them down in your training notebook, and make them SMARTER.

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