Senior dan grading and other important news

Hi Everyone

This email contains several important news items.

Senior dan grading 2 July

Don’t miss this! We have three black belts grading for 6th degree black belt and one grading for master – 7th degree – on Saturday 2 July in Ellerslie! It will be amazing!
This is a rare event!
198 Marua Rd Ellerslie (MMC, Taekwon-Do training centre). Starts at 1:30pm. Be early, because parking is on nearby side roads.

Gear for sale

We are selling off some of our excess gear, including kick shield, sparring gear and head gear. Limited quantities. Details are here.

Don’t miss regional training!

Yellow belts and above, don’t miss regional training at MMC on Sundays 4:30-6:00pm. Details are here.

Grading next week

Ensure you arrive 15 minutes early and quietly warm up. Do not disturb classes in progress.
Children bring your student workbook, because we want to see that you have completed the relevant pages.
Everyone study your theory. And practise, practise, practise.
Children, if your regular class is at 5pm, and you are grading at 6pm, your regular class is optional.
Adults, for those not grading Tuesday 6pm, please come along and support your classmates. There will be no regular training on Tuesday.

Nominate someone for our national awards

Who should be club of the year? Junior student of the year? Why not nominate someone for our national awards! Nominations are due tomorrow – Saturday 2 July 2022 – so don’t delay! Details are here.