Gear sale

Hi Everyone

Following the unfortunate closure of our Kohimarama School venue, we now have excess equipment and I have nowhere to store it. Hence, I am selling off the gear that isn’t part of our sets of equipment (it is harder to store), and some of our older gear, that is excess to our needs.

Email me if you would like to buy any of this equipment – first in, first served. Cash or usual bank account are both fine. Details and prices caption each photo. Each item is photographed twice, front and back (or two angles). Measurements are to about the closest centimetre.

Small black and white pad, worn, firm, 35cm x 19cm x 9cm – $5.

Yellow and grey air shield, worn, needs air and minor repair, 73cm x 21-36cm x 13cm – $10.

Curved black kick shield, firm, minor wear, 60cm x 39cm x 13cm – $80.

Blue kick shield, worn, needs repair, soft, 70cm x 37cm x 14cm – $5.

Red and black kick shield, some wear, soft, 70cm x 37cm x 14cm – $20.

Blitz shin guards, extra small, $10.

Macho dip foam headgear, small, $20.

Macho dip foam headgear, small, 2 sets available, $20ea.

Top Ten leather gloves, medium, quite good condition (retail $120), $45

Top Ten leather boot, medium, quite good condition (retail $120), 2 sets available, $45ea

Top Pro vinyl boots, medium, fair condition, $25.

Top Ten leather gloves, small, good condition (retail $120), $45

Top Ten vinyl boots, extra small, good condition, $30