Save the date – Sunday 20 May

Hi everyone

  • As last year, the Regional Tournament is compulsory for all students
  • Sunday 20 May
  • Auckland Netball Centre, only 8 mins from Glendowie
  • Students who do not compete in a tournament this term will not be permitted to grade at the end of the term
  • Registration will be open here soon.
  • We are also helping to set up (Saturday evening) and pack down (Sunday afternoon) the event.

Tournaments are an important part of a student’s progression in Taekwon-Do. History has shown us that the best way to ensure our students take the opportunity to compete, is by only allowing students to grade in term 2 if they compete in the tournament. (Those who cannot make the tournament on 20 May can try to find another tournament on the national calendar. However, there may not be senior and club support at other tournaments.)

  • All white belts and yellow stripes, compete in patterns; you can choose whether you want to compete in free sparring.
  • All children, compete in power test and special technique, because they are loads of fun.
  • All yellow belts and above, compete in patterns and free sparring.
  • Red belts and above can choose whether to coach our juniors, or compete and coach.
  • Qualified umpires can choose whether to umpire, coach or juniors, or compete and coach.
  • Parents, we’ll need your help to know when our students are competing, to ensure they are at the right ring at the right time, and to help our students cheer for each other.

We’ll need help from senior students and parents to set the hall up on Saturday evening and pack it down on Sunday afternoon. All help is greatly appreciated – with a bunch of help, we can get it all done in an hour. We will lay mats (training provided), set chairs and tables, and other equipment. We are the closest club to the venue. Other clubs helping are in Henderson and Ellerslie. Therefore we should provide most of the helpers.

This term we will do more tournament training to prepare for the event, so ensure you are bringing your sparring gear, mouthguard and (boys) groin guard to every session.


Master Banicevich.

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