Returning to the dojang

Hi Parents and Students

Unfortunately Level 2.5 restricts us to gatherings of 10 people, which is too few for a Taekwon-Do class. We hope to return to our venues soon, but we must wait until the government lifts the gathering limits. This week, we continue with our Zoom classes (details here).

Churchill Park School will let us return to run classes as soon as the gathering size is suitable. Glendowie Primary School and Kohimarama School will keep me informed about when we can return.

If we return in level 2, remember our level 2 protocols, which you can download here. Remember that if you feel unwell (e.g. temperature, cough, runny nose), stay home and do a recorded Zoom class. Key points are listed here:

Keep track of people who enter the premises

  1. All venues have QR codes for the Ministry of Health COVID-19 tracing app. All visitors are encouraged to use the app and check in.
  2. International Taekwon-Do Glendowie maintains attendance records of all classes, and has current contact details of all members.
  3. All spectators and parents are required to complete the tracing form provided by the instructor, unless they have the COVID-19 tracing app and scan our QR code.
  4. Parents of our students need only complete their name, student’s name, and mobile number.

Enable good hygiene practices

  1. All members will wear a clean dobok (uniform).
  2. All students and spectators are required to wash their hands thoroughly with soap upon entering and exiting the venue. Hand sanitiser will be available as an alternative.
  3. Correct coughing etiquette will be explained and required.
  4. No food will be bought in to the venue.
  5. All students will be required to bring a water bottle and clean towel.
  6. Students may optionally wear a suitable face mask during training.
  7. Hall doors will be pegged open during arrival and leaving times, and door handles will be sanitised at the beginning and end of each class.
  8. Equipment used during a class will be placed to the side, and disinfected at the end of the class before they are put away.

Maintain physical distancing

  1. Compliant with Sport NZ guidelines:
    1. No more than 100 people in the venue at any time;
  2. Certain activities will be modified during Alert Level 2, including:
    1. Free sparring equipment belonging to International Taekwon-Do Glendowie will not be used;
    2. No activities that involve touching the floor or faces with the hands;
  3. Parents are able to enter the venue, and must complete tracing forms;
    1. Parents will maintain physical distancing from those outside their bubble, sitting approximately 2m apart;
  4. For adjacent classes:
    1. The prior class will finish 5 minutes before the next class begins, to minimise physical overlaps;
    2. Students who arrive for a following class will wait in a designated area at the back of the venue, with physical distancing from spectators and the earlier class;
  5. Choke points (eg, entrance way) to the venue will be managed as follows, unless OSCARS would like us to use an alternative system:
    1. Churchill Park School
      1. 5pm and 6pm classes, entry is via the side door closest to the stage only;
      2. Classes starting after 6pm, entry is via the main door only;
      3. When another class follows, exit is via the side doors only;
      4. Final class of the night, exit is via the main doors only;
      5. Physical distancing from OSCAR’s staff and students;
    2. Kohimarama School
      1. Instructors will monitor entry and exit at arrival and departure times to maintain physical distancing;
      2. Parents and students will be advised to maintain distancing at the main door and to not linger in the door area;
    3. Glendowie School
      1. Parents are not permitted on school premises, and must wait at the main gate;
      2. Entry and exit is via the main door only;
      3. Physical distancing from OSCAR’s staff and students;
      4. Parents and students will be advised to maintain distancing at the main door and to not linger in the door area.

Keep safe, everyone!

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