Report sheets, pregrading, and skills tournament

Hi Parents and Students

I apologise for the disruption this term, while I am overseas for the World Championships.

  • Report sheets are due before the end of term. Download the form here.
  • Pregrading will occur in regular classes before the end of term.
  • Our Skills Tournament is on Saturday 23 September.
  • Ensure you continue training during the school holidays!

Report sheets

Taekwon-Do kids under 13, please complete a report sheet and bring it with you to class this week. There is a space for the teacher and a space for a parent. Kubz have two permission slips at the back of their manuals.

Also, children with the A4 children’s handbooks must compete all pages for their own grade and below.


Class instructors have a list of students who may be eligible for their next gup grading (yellow stripe, yellow belt, green stripe, green belt, etc.). Students who are eligible for junior gradings (children going for an extra stripe) do not need to be pregraded (but do need a completed report sheet, and do need to complete their syllabus books).

Ensure you study your theory – it will be examined. You must know the theory for your own grade and below.

Students who are invited to grade will be invoiced during the school holidays.

Skills Tournament

Ensure you attend our Skills Tournament on Saturday 23 September. Full details are here.

  • Saturday 23 September, 9am-1pm;
  • Churchill Park School, 9am-12pm we will run youngest children first, so they can leave earlier);
  • competition for students under 13 (those 13 and over, we’ll need your help to run it!)
  • $25 per person – pay on the day (students doing a children’s grading will have their fee reduced by this amount);
  • wear dobok, bring your sparring gear (if you have it);
  • everyone should have a clear mouthguard;
  • bring a bottle of water and your lunch.

School holiday classes

Remember that all of our weekday classes continue during school holidays. With grading the first two days of next term, it is more important than ever that you attend training during the holidays!

Saturday students, please attend a class during the week. Our schedule is here.