Skills Tournament Saturday 23 September

Hi everyone

Our next Skills Tournament will be on Saturday 23 September at Churchill Park School. We expect everyone to attend. It will be loads of fun, and a safe and fun way to try your Taekwon-Do skills! This event is to HELP you, so do your very best to attend.

  • Saturday 23 September, 9am-1pm;
  • Churchill Park School, 9am-12pm we will run youngest children first, so they can leave earlier);
  • competition for students under 13 (those 13 and over, we’ll need your help to run it!)
  • $25 per person – pay on the day (students doing a children’s grading will have their fee reduced by this amount);
  • wear dobok, bring your sparring gear (if you have it);
  • everyone should have a clear mouthguard;
  • bring a bottle of water and your lunch.

The purpose of this tournament is to give everyone the opportunity to learn how tournaments and tournament events work. All competitors will receive a certificate to collect stamps or stickers that indicate their results in four events. Children will be trying each tournament event twice.

The events are:

  • Patterns (Kubz do Taekwon-Do movements in linework, white belts do saju jirugi and saju makgi);
  • Free sparring (wear safety equipment, and score points by touching your opponent’s body or head with your punches and kicks);
  • Special techniques (high flying kicks);
  • Power test (hitting pads as far as you can, or breaking special children’s boards).

For those who want to buy sparring gear, you can order this before the tournament by emailing Master Banicevich. Black vinyl gloves and boots together are $170. We will also try to have mouth guards available for sale (for $10).

Depending upon how much parent and senior help we have, this event may finish after 12pm. Please do not drop your children and run.

Grading will be held the first week of term 4 (Master Banicevich returns from the World Championships in Finland on Thursday 21 September, so he is unable to grade students the last week of term).


Our target will be for children under 9 to compete 9:00-10:30am, and children 9-12 to compete 10:30am-1:00pm. Please allow extra time in case we need more than the allotted time to complete each age group.

Patterns skills and patterns

Students will compete against each other two at a time. Yellow stripes and above will perform their own pattern in their first contest, and a random pattern in their second contest. Judges will choose the winning student.

  • White and Taekwon-Do Kubz – forearm low block backwards and middle punch forwards, front snap kick (video below);
  • First green – knifehand low block backwards and inner forearm middle block forwards, front rising kick (video below);
  • First blue, and students more junior 9-12 years – saju jirugi, front snap kick, front rising kick;
  • First red and black – saju makgi, front snap kick, front rising kick.

Free sparring drills and free sparring

Students will compete against each other two at a time. Those with free sparring gear will free spar for one round of two minutes. Those without free sparring gear will perform free sparring drills to pads. Judges will choose the winning student.

  • White, first green to first black, and Taekwon-Do Kubz – footwork, side kick and punches (video below);
  • Yellow stripes and yellow belts, and capable students 9-12 years – various sparring drills according to skill level (video below).

Special technique

Students will perform two techniques for height: flying high kick, and flying high side piercing kick. Students will be grouped by height, and then have two attempts per technique to reach the minimum height. Those who are successful can attempt the next height. The shorter group will start flying high kick at 1 metre; the taller group will start at 1.5 metres. Green belts and above will be in a separate division starting higher. See the video below.

Power test

Students will perform two techniques for power. Those below green belt will hit pads for distance with forefist punch and side piercing kick. See the video below.

Those green belt and above will attempt boards with front elbow strike and side piercing kick. Students will have two attempts at each technique.

Watch our Calendar page to keep abreast of coming events!