Report sheets due this week, and it’s pregrading

Hi Parents

It is week 8 already – pregrading week! Read this post carefully for details about pregrading and grading. Class instructors will look particularly at those who meet the requirements for their next national grading. (Pregrading does not apply to Kubz, students.) Under 13s, ensure you bring your completed report sheets this week!

Report sheets and syllabus books

Report sheets for students under 13 years are due this week. You can download the report sheet on our website,, under members, report sheets.

If your child’s isn’t completed and brought in this week, please ensure you do it in week 9. These report sheets are how we ensure that your child’s behaviour at home, in school and in class is congruent with the values of Taekwon-Do, and that the child is deserving of the grading reward.

Grading results will not be awarded until a completed report sheet is presented. Remember that any student who attains a ‘poor’ grade from a parent, teacher or class instructor is not permitted to grade.

Please bring these completed reports in before grading night. Otherwise grading will run late while I reconcile all of the paperwork.

Children who have the white A4 children’s syllabus handbook, ensure that you show your instructor your completed pages this week, and bring your book along to grading.


Gradings fees are a primary source of revenue for our national association, so they come at additional cost. For this reason, we pregrade students to avoid putting students up for grading who are clearly not ready.

During pregrading week, instructors focus on students who meet the core requirements to attend a national grading:

  • Completed sufficient training sessions;
  • Good attitude in class;
  • Good attitude outside class (for under 13s, we use the report sheet to evidence this);
  • Completed theory (for children with the A4 handbook, this is achieved by completing relevant pages in the book).

The class instructor then makes their best assessment of whether the student is at the required level to pass a national grading. In some cases, the class instructor may give the student the opportunity if they are borderline.

Even if a student passes pregrading and is invited to grade, this is not a guarantee that the student will pass grading. There are many factors that may influence a student’s performance, including preparation, and how they perform on the day.

Grading requirements

  • Grading for those under 13 is subject to receiving a satisfactory report sheet in class this week (download it here). (Kubz have permission sheets in the back of your Kubz manual for the parent and the school teacher that can be completed for grading day);
  • Grading for those with a mini-kids handbook is subject to sighting the completed syllabus book sections for your next grade and below.

Grading details will be on the email that comes with the invoice. Grading invoices will be sent on Saturday 26 June. If you receive an invoice, you are invited to grade this term. Read this post and the invoice email carefully, to understand how gradings will proceed.

  • All grades up to yellow belt, Monday 5 July, 6:00-8:00pm, Churchill Park School;
  • All grades from yellow belt (those wearing a yellow belt or higher) and adult white belts, Tuesday 6 July, 6:00-8:30pm, Churchill Park School;
  • Kubz grading, Saturday 10 July, 9:00-11:00am, Churchill Park School;
  • Children’s syllabus gradings are $25 each, national gradings are $60 to $80 each depending upon rank, and Kubz gradings are $45 each.

If you cannot make the date of your scheduled grading, try to rearrange your calendar, please. Exceptions are difficult to manage.

Ensure you practice your syllabus – all of your syllabus and below – for grading, and ensure you know the theory for your grade and below. Remember that an invitation to grade is not a guarantee to pass – that is up to you, and how well you perform at grading.

If you do not receive an invoice, then you are not invited to grade this term. In most cases, this is because you have insufficient sessions since your last grading – keep training. You are improving, and next term it is likely that you’ll be ready! A few students are not invited to grade because they are not trying hard enough in class. Grades are not awarded for turning up. You get better by trying hard, and you must meet the national standard to pass a national grading.

Children’s syllabus grades are designed for children under 13. Children naturally take longer to progress than adults, and children’s grades are awarded to help them recognise their progress.

Please note that grading fees (and all training fees) must be paid by Thursday 1 July, so they can clear before I reconcile bank accounts before grading.

If you have any questions, please ask your class instructor.

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