Remember your report sheet this week!

Hi Parents

Report sheets for students under 13 years were due last week. If your child’s wasn’t completed and brought in last week, please ensure you do it this week. These report sheets are how we ensure that your child’s behaviour at home, in school and in class is congruent with the values of Taekwon-Do, and that the child is deserving of the grading reward. You can download the report sheet on our website,, under members, report sheets.

Grading results will not be awarded until a completed report sheet is presented. Remember that any student who attains a ‘poor’ grade from a parent, teacher or class instructor is not permitted to grade.

Please bring these completed reports in before grading night. Otherwise grading will run late while I reconcile all of the paperwork.

Note that the grading for yellow belts and above (and adults of lower grades) is this Thursday (because I am working in the South Island on our regular grading night). Grading for children below yellow belt is on the last Monday of term, and for Kubz on the Saturday at the end of term, as usual.

Children who have the white A4 children’s syllabus handbook, ensure that you show your instructor your completed pages this week, and bring your book along to grading.

Grading invoices were sent on Saturday 3 April. Those who received a personalised invoice are invited to grade this term. If you did not receive an invoice, in most cases it is because you don’t have enough sessions to grade yet. Keep training hard for next term!

Train well, and I look forward to seeing how awesome you are on grading night!


Master Banicevich.

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