Remember to pay fees by 1 August

Hi everyone

Please remember to pay monthly fees by 1 August. While I am in Argentina, I am unable to send the regular invoice. I will send them out when I return. Please don’t wait for the invoice this month.

I hoped I would blog about my time in Argentina. When I travel alone, I have time to spend posting. This is the first time I have travelled with my family – where is all that free time?!

People here are amazing. They tell me it is an honour to host me (us), to have a visitor from New Zealand, and they do so much for us. The collect us and drive us around. They invite us to their houses for dinner and don’t let us bring anything. They give us gifts. I’m very glad that I bought 15 copies of our self-defence book, some Taekwon-Do Talk magazines and some t-shirts. We also brought a few paunamu for special gifts.

I have seen amazing children’s classes, taught self-defence classes, and attended numerous Taekwon-Do sessions. Wait until we get home! Perhaps I have a few moments now to record some key notes.

I’ve been posting photos on Facebook for those who have linked with me there. I should post some to the International Taekwon-Do Glendowie page, too.

The International Kids Course starts tomorrow. After the course on Sunday we return to Buenos Aires. It has gone so quickly.

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