How to register for the National Tournament

Hi Students and Parents

  • The National Tournament is 15-16 July at the AMI Netball Stadium in St Johns.
  • All yellow belts and above should compete (I encourage seniors to umpire).
  • Details about events you can enter are at this link (from page 7; same as 2016).
  • Register for the tournament at this link. I recommend registering by 30 June.
  • Entry fees are payable to the Auckland North Region account, 12-3136-0225528-00.
  • Further information about the tournament at this link.

Yellow belts and above can enter patterns and free sparring.

Blue belts and above can enter patterns, free sparring, power test (breaking) and special technique.

Details about weight categories, heights/number of boards, age groups are at this link (starting on page 7).

This will be a fantastic event, and I would love to see as many of our Glendowie members involved as possible! It will improve your Taekwon-Do (and hence how long it takes you to be ready for your next grading), and tournaments are FUN!

There is also a National Awards dinner on Saturday 15 July at Alexandra Park. It would be great to get some of us along to that, too – families welcome – and it would be great if some of you could nominate your peers for some of the awards (details are here). Dinner details are here in the green box.


Master Banicevich.

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