Did you receive a grading fees invoice?

Hi everyone

Grading is the final week of term. Pregradings were held last week. If you did not receive a grading invoice and you wonder why, or you have any questions about grading, please contact me.

If you received a grading invoice, the person named on the invoice is eligible to grade if:

  • grading fees (and other fees) are paid before the grading
  • (for 13yos and under), I have a satisfactory completed report sheet.

Grading fees details are here. Report sheets are here.

If the grading fees invoice is for $20, it is for a child’s mini-kids grading. Other amounts are for full gradings or Kubz gradings.

Remember that training fees changed last month. Some people paid the old fee amount in April, and were short.


Master Banicevich.


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