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Hi Parents

Recently our International Taekwon-Do (NZ) community has faced a distressing event of a serious and sensitive nature. A long-serving member of our wider community was recently convicted of indecent assault. Our hearts and love go out to the victim, their family and others impacted by this upsetting situation.

We would like to ensure you that our school nor our students have had contact with the person that has been convicted. They are not part of the Auckland region.

International Taekwon-Do (NZ) places the utmost priority on the safety and wellbeing of students, particularly the most vulnerable – children. As a result of this event, International Taekwon-Do (NZ) has undertaken a review of their policies, including the Health & Safety Policy and Sexual Harassment Policy. In addition, after both internal and external consultation, they have developed a Child Protection Policy. Although the Vulnerable Children Act does not require this policy, it continues to enhance our organisational practices around protecting children.

As a martial art we are guided by and operate within a values system that is taught to every student from the beginning of their Taekwon-Do journey. Our morals and values, instilled in our Oath, our Tenets, and at every level of our grading syllabus, continue to embody our purpose. 

It is with incredibly heavy hearts that we have needed to bring this information to your attention but we will continue to ensure we have open communication with you all and address any concerns you may have.

We at International Taekwon-Do Glendowie have a community of incredible students, parents and instructors. We, like you, struggle to comprehend that these sorts of things can happen. We are confident in the International Taekwon-Do board and team to ensure the safety of all students. 

It is with this confidence and community spirit that we openly process such things together. We look forward to seeing our students at  training and continue to instill the values that contribute to a better world.

The full International Taekown-Do (NZ) statement can be found here.

Master Banicevich is available to discuss any concerns you have. We encourage you to contact him by email or telephone. If you are not comfortable contacting Master Banicevich for any reason, you may contact the International Taekwon-Do Standards and Discipline Adviser.

To help us protect our students and our instructors, we ask that at least one parent remain to watch any children’s class that contains five students or fewer.

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