Prepare for term 2 grading – IMPORTANT

Hi Parents and Students

Read this carefully!

  • Term 2 report sheets are due for all students under 13 in classes the week of 18 June
  • Pregrading is in regular classes the week of 18 June
  • The mini-kids grading is Monday 2 July, 6:00-7:30pm, at Churchill Park School
  • The formal grading is Tuesday 3 July, 6:00-8:30pm, at Churchill Park School
  • The Kubz grading is Saturday 7 July, 9:00-10:30am, at Churchill Park School.

Report sheets

Please complete this report sheet for your child(ren) and bring it along to you child’s pregrading (week beginning 18 June).

There is a place for you to complete, a place for your child(ren)’s teacher to complete, and a place for your class instructor to complete.

We ask for this sheet every term whether or not your child(ren) is (are) grading. Our goal is to ensure that we are supporting you appropriately with your child(ren)’s development. For example, if any of our students are misusing Taekwon-Do at home or at school, it is important that we know!


Your class instructor will examine your child(ren) in regular classes the week beginning 18 June. In pregrading, we check our students against the national standard, and ensure that they know all of their syllabus (and below). Ensure that they are practising!

Students who pass pregrading may be invited to grade.

Children who are white belt, first green, first blue or first red will be invited to grade if they have completed at least 7 sessions since their last grading. Children who are yellow stripe or double yellow stripe must have at least 12 sessions since their last grading. These are called “mini-kids grades”.

Children who are first black or triple yellow stripe must also meet the national standard for their next formal grade (yellow stripe or yellow belt, see “formal grading” below).

Mini-kids grading

The mini-kid grading is on Monday 2 July, 6:00pm-7:30pm at Churchill Park School. (Students from Glendowie Primary or Kohimarama School must come to Churchill Park School.)

To be eligible to grade, children must:

  • submit a satisfactory report sheet (students with any poor behaviour grades in the report sheet may not grade this term)
  • complete their theory in their mini-kids syllabus book
  • have attended sufficient sessions (7 below yellow stripe, 12 from yellow stripe)
  • pay the grading fee ($25 per person – if your child is invited to grade, you will receive an invoice one week before grading).

Mini-kids gradings are an opportunity for Master Banicevich to see how your child(ren) is (are) progressing towards the national standard for their next formal grading. If a child needs more time to attain the required skills, he or she may receive a second stripe of their current colour, rather than the next coloured stripe. More information is in our welcome document.

Formal grading

The formal grading is on Tuesday 3 July, 6:00pm-8:30pm at Churchill Park School. (Students from Glendowie Primary or Kohimarama School must come to Churchill Park School.) I try to complete young ones so they can go home by 7:30pm, but do not take them home before they are released.

To be eligible to grade, students must:

  • pass a pregrading to demonstrate that they meet the national standard in the opinion of their class instructor
  • pass a theory test of material from their own grade and below
    complete a satisfactory report sheet (if they are under 13)
  • have attended sufficient sessions since last grading (24 below blue belt, 32 from blue belt)
  • pay the grading fee ($60, $70 or $80 depending upon grade, with some family discounts).

At grading, students must demonstrate elements of their syllabus and below that are requested by the examiner. Attending grading is no guarantee of passing – the student must perform to the national standard to pass grading.

Kubz grading

Invoices for Kubz gradings will be emailed a week before grading. Kubz gradings are $45. If you receive an invoice, then your child is invited to grade.

Ensure your child knows the theory for the grade they seek – use the coloured tabs in their Kubz handbook. Don’t worry so much about the Taekwon-Do techniques – Master Banicevich will handle that.

Any questions, please email Master Banicevich. There is more information in our welcome document.

Good luck everyone!

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