Pregrading is the week after Easter – be ready!

Pregrading dates are:

  • Monday 5pm 6-8yos, 21 March – the Monday before Easter
  • Tuesday 5pm 6-8yos, 29 March (Monday 5pm students, please attend this class)
  • Monday/Wednesday 8-12yos (Glendowie Primary School), Wednesday 30 March
  • Tuesday/Thursday 8-12yos (Churchill Park School), Tuesday 29 March
  • Adults, Tuesday 29 and Thursday 31 March
  • Kubz, your instructors watch you regularly, and you won’t have a separate pregrading

Don’t miss pregrading! (Pregrading applies to formal grades, those grading to yellow stripe and above.) Invoices will be sent Saturday 2 April, and must be paid before grading.

Grading dates are:

  • Monday 5pm 6-8yos, 11 April
  • Tuesday 5pm 6-8yos, 12 April
  • Monday/Wednesday 8-12yos (Glendowie Primary School), Monday 11 April
  • Tuesday/Thursday 8-12yos (Churchill Park School), Tuesday 12 April
  • Adults, Tuesday 12 and Thursday 14 April
  • Kubz, Saturday 16 April

If you do not usually train on the grading day, please make arrangements to attend one of the above gradings.

Regular classes will run together with grading. Remember that 11 April is Taekwon-Do’s birthday, so this is a special day to be grading!


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