Pregrading is in regular classes next week

Hi everyone

  • Pregrading is in regular classes next week (from Monday 27 March)
  • Report sheets are due for all students under 13 by class next week.

During class the week of Monday 27 March, instructors will review students to see who is ready for a formal grading (yellow stripe, yellow belt, and above). To be eligible to grade, students must:

  • Have attended sufficient sessions since last grading (24 under blue belt, 32 blue belt and above)
  • Pass a theory test (material in the syllabus handbook for their grade and below)
  • Be at the national standard required for the new grade for all elements of their syllabus and below
  • Pay the grading fee the week before the grading
  • For students under 13 years, give the instructor a completed report sheet by the week before grading, with all criteria fair or better.

Those invited to grade will be invoiced the Saturday after pregrading. This applies to formal grades and mini-kids grades. The invoice is due the week you receive it (the week before grading).

Grading will be the week of Monday 10 April (the week before Easter; Kubz grading will be Saturday 8 April). Gradings will not be in normal classes – they will be in Churchill Park School starting at 6pm on Monday, Tuesday and possibly Thursday.

For new parents, we ask you to complete the report sheet at the end of each term (whether your child is eligible to grade or not). You can find it here. There is a small section for you to complete, and a small section for your child’s teacher to complete. Behaviour is very important to us in International Taekwon-Do. The purpose of this form is to ensure that your child isn’t a saint in class, and a terror at school or home. If a parent or teacher rates a child poor for any element, we do not permit them to grade.

All students should ensure they know all parts of their syllabus, and practise hard to perform them well.

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