Pregrading and grading details – IMPORTANT TO READ CAREFULLY

Important grading information:

  • Pregrading will be in regular classes, the week of Monday 27 November.
  • Grading dates are (all gradings at Churchill Park School):
    • Formal grades (yellow stripe, yellow belt, and above), Thursday 14 December, Thursday 14 December, 6:00-8:30pm.
    • Children’s grades (first green, etc, double or triple yellow stripe), Monday 11 December, 6:00-7:30pm.
    • Kubz grades, Saturday 16 December, 9:00-10:30am.
  • For those 13yrs and younger, report sheets are due the week of Monday 4 December. Download the report sheet here.
  • Classes end for the year on Friday 22 December. Remember our barbecue on Saturday 16 December.
    • Summer classes begin Monday 15 January. More details to come.

We request a completed report sheet for each child at the end of each term. We do this to ensure we are not training little angels in class, to be little devils at school or home. For Kubz students, there is a permission slip to grade from the parent, and from the teacher, at the back of the Kubz manual.

After pregrading week, I send invoices to those students who are invited to grade. I will send those invoices on Saturday 2 December. If you receive an invoice, the person named in the invoice is invited to grade. If you do not receive an invoice, then the student is not yet ready to grade. Remember that the requirements to be invited to grade are:

  • Attended sufficient sessions. (Children’s grades require 7 sessions before yellow stripe, 12 sessions after yellow stripe, formal grades below blue belt require 24 sessions, and blue belt and above require 32 sessions.)
  • Pass pregrading. For formal grades, students must meet the national standard.
  • A satisfactory report sheet (13yos and under). Any student with a ‘Poor’ is not invited to grade.
  • Pay the grading fee before the grading. (Children’s grades $20, Kubz gradings $45, formal grades from $60 depending upon the grade.)


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