Practise with purpose

Hi Parents and Students

Important: parents please discuss this with your students.

Taekwon-Do is a martial art. We are learning to defend ourselves. We are learning things that our bodies must perform thousands of times with small corrections to perform effectively.

To be effective, Taekwon-Do movements must be:

  • correct, and
  • powerful.

Correct: When your instructor gives you feedback, listen, and practise to correct your movements. You should have your training notebook and pen with you at every session. Record the feedback in your notebook after class. Read it, and practise at home. Ask a family member to video your patterns. Ask an instructor to watch the video with you and show you areas to correct. Every time you practise, think about one thing to improve, and try to improve it.

Powerful: There are rare times when your instructor will ask you to practise without power. This may be to warm up, or to give you an opportunity to think and feel your movements. At all other times, you should practise with as much power as you can. This develops strong muscles and good stamina, and your brain learns habits that are necessary to perform Taekwon-Do effectively under stress.

Correct, powerful Taekwon-Do is amazing to perform, and amazing to watch – it feels good and it looks good.

Practise with purpose. If you do not, you look sloppy and ineffective, and your skills do not improve. If you do not improve, you won’t be ready to grade.

I would love to see every one of my students become black belts, fourth degrees, masters. If you want to be a black belt, practise with purpose.

Train hard!

Master Banicevich.

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