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Hi Parents and Students

While we are in lockdown, it is a great time to take advantage of all of our online resources. All of the videos linked on our page are on our YouTube channel. Please like and follow us:

You may also like to look at the books we have available. We have some excellent written materials to help with your Taekwon-Do journey!

Remember our regular virtual classes during lockdown. Attend as many classes for your age/grade group as you like. We’ve had good turnouts so far, and classes have been better than I could hope. This is our Zoom class schedule for this round of lockdown (however long that may last):

  • Children (12 years and under): Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 5-6pm
  • Adults (13 years and above): Tuesday, Thursday 6-7pm
  • BooSquad and black belts: Monday 6-7pm
  • Kubz: Saturday 10-11am
  • Parents and children: Saturday 11am-12pm

We look forward to seeing you online!

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