Our first online child’s class

Hi everyone

Here is our first online child’s class. It is a series of videos. Watch a video, then practise for about 10 minutes, then watch the next video and practise for about 10 minutes, and so on through the six videos. It would be great if a parent could work with your child for an hour to help them through this session. (This will be our general approach for young children.)

We’d love your feedback – email Master Banicevich.

First bow to Mum or Dad.

Then warm up.

Practise your walking stances (use some tape or something else to mark your train tracks, with parental permission).

And now your L-stances.

Now we can practise four direction punch and four direction block.

Now let’s have fun with some kicks! Training aid, one old cushion, or an old newspaper rolled up.

Remember to gently stretch off after your practice, to calm your mind as much as relax your muscles.

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